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Casawoodz walnut round shape 4 Seater Dining Set

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₹ 65,000.00 ₹35,000.00 INR -46%

Space Saving Round Shape 4 seater dining table set

₹ 65,000.00 ₹32,000.00 INR -51%

Six Seater Dining Set with Six Chairs

₹ 84,999.00 ₹52,500.00 INR -38%

Sheesham Wood Dining Table 2 Seater

₹ 32,000.00 ₹18,500.00 INR -42%

Woodenlia Almiya Round Shape 4 Seater Dining set

₹ 24,000.00 ₹19,500.00 INR -19%

4 Seater Dining Set with 4 Cushioned Chairs and Round Dining Table

₹ 49,999.00 ₹24,999.00 INR -50%

Solid wood 6 seater dining set with upholstery bench

₹ 75,200.00 ₹52,500.00 INR -30%

6 Seater Dining Set

₹ 95,000.00 ₹65,000.00 INR -32%

6 Seater Dining Set

₹ 85,000.00 ₹58,900.00 INR -31%

6 Seater Dining Set with Bench

₹ 91,000.00 ₹52,900.00 INR -42%

6 Seater Dining Set

₹ 94,500.00 ₹65,000.00 INR -31%

6 Seater Dining Table Set

₹ 64,800.00 ₹44,500.00 INR -31%

Seater Dining Set

₹ 85,000.00 ₹65,000.00 INR -24%

6 Seater Dining Set

₹ 85,000.00 ₹65,000.00 INR -24%

Buy Wooden Furniture for Home at Best Prices - Casawoodz

Dining furniture provided by Casawoodz

Dining tables can come in handy as a multitasking tool in our homes. We got to see a quote of this during the pandemic. The dining table that was once used to serve us food has now become our workplace desk. Dining table is very useful in our homes, sometimes we welcome our guests on it and sometimes it becomes their study table for our children.

Furniture like dining tables has put an end to the tradition of eating food in separate rooms in our homes. In the dining room, the whole family is present together, so that love remains between them.

There are many sizes and types of dining tables available in the market to choose from. But before choosing a dining table, it is very important to make sure that the one you are choosing matches according to the interior of your home and whether it is not. Whether its size is according to your dining room or not and the most important thing is that the design you are taking should be liked by you for years.

Some factors that can affect your dining table purchase


The dining table you are buying should not only be stylish but also meet all your needs as per your requirement. Before buying it, the question also comes whether you are taking the dining table only for formal meeting or are you taking it according to your daily work like eating food or making official table. If you live in a rented house then you should buy a portable dining table as it is easy to bring and carry.


Its design and construction material for your dining set is an important factor as the dining set plays a part in the decor of your home.

But the dining set size also matters a lot. You may have dinner together in your family and you all have fun with each other at the dining table. For this, the size of your dining set should be in such a way that the whole family can sit on it together.

If you want to party with your friends, then the size of your dining table should be such that it can accommodate all your friends. casawoodz offers you all sizes of Dining Sets as per your requirement. On which you can spend your good time with your family and friends.


The material you choose for your dining table depends on the way you use it. If you plan to use the dining set daily, consider some low-maintenance and heavy-duty woods such as mahogany, oak or teak, or marble and concrete tops. These are durable, can be cleaned without any hassle, and don't scratch easily. Hence, they are best for regular use.

If you are looking for a dining set as a statement piece for home decor then glass can be a possible option. Glass top tables go well with most home decor. However, although they are easy to clean and have highly reflective surfaces, they are fingerprint-magnet and can be damaged quickly.

Variety of Dining Table Sets Available at Casawoodz

Dining table sets can be classified in two ways- the size of the table and its material. Let us study some of the different types of dining sets available in the market.


Rectangular Tables:

Rectangular dining sets can seat several people, and because of their linear shape, they are easy to move. A rectangular table works best in a more spacious dining room.

Square Tables:

A square table is ideal for four or fewer people. It serves as a statement piece and adds a touch of intimacy by keeping your diners comfortable and within close range of each other. It also looks very appropriate in a square shaped dining room.

Oval Tables:

An oval table brings a different look to the dining area. Although similar in structure to a rectangular table, their cut corners exude a polished elegance that you won't find in a square or rectangular table set.

Round table:

Round tables look great in any dining area. They are ideal for those who dine in small numbers. A round designer dining table for parties is also great as a round table where everyone feels equal.

Why should you buy dining table sets online?

Buying a dining table online can be a wise decision as you can explore thousands of designs and styles in the comfort of your own home. Even if you go to the local shops, you will not be able to locate such a huge library. When shopping online, it is also convenient to compare dining table prices on different websites. Plus, more often than not, you get better deals and discounts online.

Trending Modern Dining Table Designs of 2022

White color -

White exudes elegance and soothing vibes. With the white dining set, you can never go wrong. Accentuate your dining area with statement pieces or bright rugs in contrast to the white table set.

Leather upholstery-

Leather upholstery is back for dining chairs! Leather tables and chairs are durable and you can add that royal touch to your home decor.

Scandinavian Design -

Scandinavian table sets with minimalist and sleek designs with earthy tones like terracotta are a favorite in urban landscapes. Scandinavian design is all about making functional furniture more exciting and fun.

Look at sculpture

People expect their dining table to be more than a table in modern times. It should be a conversation starter, a piece of novelty that adds value to home decor. Therefore, the latest craze is a new generation of tables with sleek, geometric patterns. These tables are made in round or oblong shape with cylindrical or angled legs.

Casawoodz. Explore modern and trending dining table sets from

Casawoodz is the ultimate online website to buy furniture. You will find best quality and designer dining sets in various price ranges. Casawoodz also often has attractive offers where you can buy the table for a very low and affordable price. Furthermore, Casawoodz has a huge collection of dining tables, and you will find the perfect match for you as per your decor style.

Casawoodz.unique dining table designs from

Casawoodz offers various attractive dining table sets at different price ranges, such as:

Hachiro 4 Seater Dining Set in Walnut and Steel Gray Finish: This is a stunning piece that is the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality.

Ramen 4 Seater Dining Set With Bench in Antique Oak Finish: This table is striking in a traditional yet minimalist design and is perfect for modern homes.

Haruka 6-Seater Dining Table Set in Walnut and Sandy Brown Finish: This gorgeous 6-seater will add to that block color effect and will definitely be the statement furniture of your home.

Live-Edge Solid Wood 8-Seater Dining Set in Natural Acacia Finish- This table is trendy, sleek, functional, aesthetic and extremely comfortable. This is a perfect table for hosting dinner parties.

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