Best Pop Arch Pillar Design Ideas and Image Gallery

Best Pop Arch Pillar Design Ideas and Image Gallery

The main purpose of a pillar is to evenly distribute the load of the house regardless of whether or not your house has a second level. Vastu science also gives a lot of importance to the direction of the pillars, from the number of pillars to their color! While designing the house, there are high chances that you might overlook your pillars in the larger scheme of things. But if they've caught your attention, please check out our list of pop pillar designs to consider.

Pop Pillar Designs and Images

This list is based on different looks, budget, choice and availability in the market.

Convert arc to supporting column

If you have a lot of pillars in your house and want to support a second level of the house, try converting these standalone pillars into wider pillars. With pillars, you get the support you need, and it also adds to the overall decor of the house. This can be your accent wall, room divider or display wall. This is definitely a great design idea to use.

Focus on pillar border

Another simple and easy hack to redo your original pillars at home is to work on its lower and upper borders with plaster of paris. Some beautiful vintage designs are easily available to you if you consult a design and decor professional. This small inclusion of decorative art will completely change the look and style of your pillar.

Use Arches as Dividers

By modifying the traditional pillar form into a wide column, it can be the perfect addition to any small space. It can be used as a divider in the living space. For example, here in this studio, white panels divide the kitchen from the dining and main lobby. You can also see the pop pillar design as a rectangular board on its very visible surface.

Mosaic Tiles

When we say there isn't much work to be done for a pop pillar design, we mean it! Using Plaster of Paris, you can stick these small tiles on the surface of the pillar and watch them transform completely. There are many options in terms of color and texture of tiles to choose from.

Mosaic Pillar

Take some inspiration from this beautifully designed mosaic pillar; It looks beautiful, different, unique and maybe the focal point of the whole home decor. This is the best part of using plaster of paris for pillar construction; Even if you don't want to go with the standard design, There's always only one way to mix it with other design elements.

Focus on pop arch pillar design

If you are planning to focus on pop arch pillar design, we assure you that you are on the right track. The pop arch forms a structure that includes one or two pillars. If put together correctly, a very complete design comes out of this. See how this living room is surrounded by pillars, which are connected by their arches.

Paint Your Pillars

To make the pillar blend in with the rest of the decor rather than a standout feature of the home, try painting it a color that works well with the rest of the decor. For example, in this kid's bedroom, purple colored pillars have been used to complement the existing theme of the room rather than leaving them untouched.

Use False Ceiling to Extend Pillars Arch

Extending your false ceiling to the pillared arch is a wonderful design hack to blend the pillars seamlessly with the rest of the decor. With suitable carvings on plaster of paris, such pop arch pillar designs not only look fabulous but also become one of the main elements of home decor.

Use Cement

When you mix cement with plaster of paris, be prepared to give your home a dry, rustic look. See how this small space has beautifully transformed the mix itself. Again the column-converted column serves as a separator between the kitchen and the rest of the area. The column is coated with a mixture of pop and cement for a rough natural look.

Vintage Pillar Top

You can completely revamp your original pillar by simply getting POP carvings on the top or bottom, or both. Be inspired by the heavy, elaborate Victorian design that's supposed to leave no empty spaces.

Pop Carving

One of the main advantages of using POP is the possibility of carving in terms of design. You can either invest in a pop false ceiling or get elaborate carvings done on the ceiling and pillars. Take a look at this heavily designed pop ceiling with a wide pop arch pillar design.

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