Beautiful marble floor design for your bedroom

Beautiful marble floor design for your bedroom

Your bedroom should ideally be an oasis of beauty, peace and warmth. Of course, you want your entire home to look beautiful, but your bedroom design should be that special haven where you can relax and be yourself. To achieve this, you have to pay attention to every small element of your bedroom, especially the floor. Think of the floor as the foundation of your decor. And, if luxury and beauty are what you are looking for, then there is no better option than marble flooring for the bedroom. The right design of marble flooring can make your room appear bigger than it is.

When it comes to marble flooring, you can choose from a wide variety of designs. It can be classic or modern depending on how you use it. Marble is available in many colors, different grades of veining and also in tile sizes.

Marble Floor Designs You Can Try For Your Bedroom

Here are some ideas to show you how marble floor designs can enhance the look of your bedroom.

1. Gray Marble Floor Design

Gray marble is a beautiful and attractive choice for flooring. The color ranges from light brown to dark brown with a variety of veins. This type of marble attracts attention and gives a natural yet sophisticated look to your bedroom. When you're working with marble, it's ideal to use medium-sized tiles and arrange them in a way that accentuates their veined design.

2. Monochromatic Marble Floor Design

Marble and monochrome go well together. It is the ideal flooring option for those who believe that less is more. When natural light hits the marble, it makes a room feel spacious and subtle, the sparse veins add texture and draw interest while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. Choosing a monochrome marble floor for the bedroom expands the options available for accent pieces. You can continue the monochrome theme throughout your room or add a vibrant throw cushion or two to amp up the look.

3. Mosaic marble floor design

If you are inspired by the style of palaces and homes of nobles of old, then mosaic marble floor for bedroom is a great choice. This style of flooring celebrates the material and skillful craftsmanship of marble. The marble must be cut into precisely small pieces to fit the grid pattern. Most of the marble floor designs with mosaic work have marble in 3 or 4 colors. The type of marble used is usually not expensive, but considering the cost of skilled labor, the finished work may not be cheap.

4. Onyx style marble floor design

Onyx marble is not onyx or marble in the true sense, but it is a beautiful choice for bedrooms. Available in a range of stunning colors with varying degrees of stripes and veining, it lends a luxurious look to your room like no other. One of the most common colors of onyx marble are warm tan and jade. Earthy tones add warmth to the bedroom and make it feel cozy. For a more dramatic look, you might consider accenting it with a black marble or onyx piercing.

5. Tetris Marble Floor Design

Sometimes its not the marble itself but the way it is set that makes it special. If you are a child of the 90s, you probably enjoyed playing a game of Tetris as a child. Take inspiration from that childhood memory to create a marble floor plan with a Tetris-style layout. Use a combination of large and small, tall and short, thick and thin pieces to create a floor pattern that will make you want to take a break from the adults and play for a while.

6. Modern Black and White Marble Floor Design

Marble can be trendy. If you prefer a contemporary decor style, play with contrasting marble colors and modern shapes. A combination of the diamond and bow shape shown above can be a great idea. When you're playing with contrast, it's important not to give equal importance to both colors. A ratio of 70:30 or 80:20 is ideal. The difference between this type of pattern and a simple border is that it emphasizes the contrast a bit more and gives the marble a more contemporary look.

7. Classic Marble Flooring Design with Inlay

If you want an opulent look or a royal bedroom, add intricate details by layering and inlaying different colors of marble together. Rounding off the corners of the room will give it an even more classic look. Ideally what you want is a mix of solid borders and smaller motifs spread across the bordered blocks.

8. Chessboard Marble Flooring Design

Chessboards work well for classic and modern decor styles. The key here is selecting two marbles that are beautiful opposite each other and cutting them into a precise square shape at a specified size. Ideally, choose marble with minimal veins. Solid, plain marble looks best. Although chessboards are traditionally black and white, you can also use a combination of green and white.

9. Colorful Marble Floor Design

Marble is considered either black or white, but is available in a spectrum of colors. Green is an unusual color, but it often finds its way into home decor projects. A rich green marble floor for the bedroom can look even more interesting when you use smaller tiles and experiment with tile patterns. A herringbone pattern looks great and adds movement to the design. It is suitable for bedrooms where you want to transition from wood to marble flooring.

10. Seamless Marble Floor Design

Large-scale tiles or wall-to-wall tiles give a bedroom a clean, spacious look. This type of flooring has minimal grout, and hence, is also very easy to maintain. But on the other hand, the larger the tile, the more expensive it is. Marble should be simple and with minimal veining for a seamless floor design.

Installation and maintenance of marble floor design

Marble flooring for bedrooms is usually easy to install. The installation technique is similar to that used to install ceramic or vitrified tiles. Immediately after this, the joints between the marble tiles are sealed with grout.

Once installed, marble floors are easy to maintain. You can sweep and mop the floor just like any other type of floor. Since the material is porous, water should not be allowed to fall on the floor. Standing water can stain the marble. Marble can be protected from staining by applying a penetrating sealer to the floor. It usually needs to be reapplied annually.


Choosing marble flooring for the bedroom is a great way to give your space a luxurious, inviting look. You can feel good just by walking barefoot on marble. You can use many types of marble for your bedroom. With different types of marble, you can also create different types of flooring by using how you lay and install the tiles. Larger tiles will give a grand look to the room, but remember, if the tile breaks, the replacement cost will be much higher than the cost of replacing a smaller tile. visit for more wooden Furniture and home decore ideas visit our website.