Wooden ceiling design for the living room in your home

Wooden ceiling design for the living room in your home

People can judge your personality by looking at your living room. Decorate this special place of your abode with the wooden false ceiling which adds an instant dose of style and elegance to the home decor. Gone are the days when people used tin or plastic material for roofing. The wooden false ceiling will give a beautiful look to your home. Just imagine, your friends, relatives and neighbors coming to your home and appreciating its decor – wouldn't that be amazing? With the changing times, people's attitude toward home decor is also changing. So, choose a wooden false ceiling for your living room and give a new look to your home. In this blog, we are discussing some amazing wooden false ceiling designs for living rooms.

Wooden false ceiling design ideas

Here is Casawoodz list of wooden false ceiling design ideas:

1: Beautify it with LED Lights

LED lights add a soft glow to your living room. You can dine with your family in dim LED lights. Also, if you want to lie down on your sofa to take some rest, then this Vastu Compliant LED Light will be the right choice for you.

2: Insulate the room

Wooden false ceilings insulate rooms by trapping air. The best part is that it optimizes the functioning of the air cooler and reduces the cooling requirement of the total area.

3: Keep It Metallic

A false wood ceiling and a warm metallic accent make a lethal combination. There is no doubt that it will give a magical and elegant look to your living room. You will feel comfortable and relaxed while enjoying the sparkle and shine of your living room decor.

4: Make Your Space Feel Bigger

False wooden ceiling not only enhances the beauty of your living room but also creates a more defined space. It looks elegant. Think how happy you would be if someone came to your house and saw it big. Home buyers will also find this facility attractive.

5: Style it with a wooden lattice

You can design your living room with forged wooden ceiling panels. It will look extraordinary and enhance the exclusivity of your room. However, you can customize the latticework as per your requirements. The jaali work will look great if you place it in front of your entrance. People can see it. If you want, you can use it for every door in your room.

6: Use rafters

Use wooden rafters to make your living room more attractive. You can use rafters to cover the entire roof or use just a little of it to highlight a portion. This style was used in ancient times, however, the use of rafters has come back. Go for the rafters and create a charmingly traditional ambiance.

7: Better Acoustics

False wooden ceilings add a different layer, providing a nice acoustic to your living room.

8: Avoid Plain Ceilings

Plain or bare wooden ceilings don't look right. You could try to create a texture that creates the planks and places it in the grove. It will add a beautiful look to your living room. Also, it gives a unique look to the interiors.

9: Increase illumination with recessed lighting

Recessed lighting can create a magical look for your parquet accents. These lights are easy to install and illuminate your room in the best possible way. To add more beauty, you can use suspended chandeliers to bring out each area uniquely. Chandeliers can give the impression of a royal effect.

10: Save energy

Wooden false ceilings keep your home cool. In such a situation, there is no need for an air conditioner in your house. This is one of the ways you can save a lot of energy. In addition, wood is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. So, it will give a cooling effect to your home.

11: Go eco-friendly

People use wooden false ceilings because of its eco-friendly. When you remove a false ceiling, it will naturally rot and deteriorate. It won't harm anything.

12: Curve keeping temperature cool

A false wooden ceiling helps keep your temperature cool. There is no need to use the fan in the summer season. This curved wooden ceiling design adds a stylish twist to your subtle living room decor.

13: She who surrounds the sound

If you want a peaceful and quiet place, then a wooden ceiling would be the best choice. It absorbs all the annoying noise from outside. You can even customize the acoustic panel design to control the reverberation of sound in the room if you want.