Simple Curtain Styles for Bedroom and Living Space

Simple Curtain Styles for Bedroom and Living Space
Simple Curtain Styles for Bedroom and Living Space
Simple Curtain Styles for Bedroom and Living Space
Simple Curtain Styles for Bedroom and Living Space

Curtains for bedrooms can add a lot of value to the interiors of the space. Hence it is very important to choose a style that is attractive and also serves the required purpose. The same goes for living room curtains.

Curtains play a very important role in defining the design theme and mood of the room. They occupy large spaces on your walls and seamlessly enhance the beauty of your space. Having the right curtains for the bedroom and curtains for the living room design is very important both in terms of their function and decorative value.

The options seem endless when you think of curtains. From traditional floral prints to light pastel curtains, from sheer curtains that let in natural light to the namesake black out curtains, and from bamboo blinds to macrame curtains – the spectrum runs the gamut.

In the blog below, we discuss with you the different types of curtains for bedroom and curtains for living room - styles, fabrics, themes and much more. There's also a guide to help you choose curtains based on opacity and you'll find tips to keep in mind before investing in curtains.

Beautiful Curtains for Bedroom

Curtains for bedroom can add a lot of value to the interiors design of the space. Hence it is very important to choose a style that is attractive and also serves the required purpose.

Curtains for Small Bedrooms with Pops of Color

Stunning red curtains for the bedroom design add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space.

Natural rooms can be easily transformed into vibrant rooms with the help of curtains – just rely on pops of color to brighten up the space. Use any bright shade like yellow, green, blue, pink or red in the image above. All these colors match well with white toned walls and most will also go with other neutral colors like gray or beige.

Although red curtains are not recommended for bedrooms by Feng Shui, as the effect of red can increase the heart rate and disturb sleep, you can still go for them if they are your theme. fit in Referring to the image above, white walls and wooden floors when combined with red curtains for the bedroom can create a soothing look, don't you think?

Ikat linen Curtains for Bedroom

Add style and class to your space with printed curtains for bedroom. But when thinking of a print, choose something that is bold yet sophisticated, contemporary yet time-honored. Ikat print is one such type and can be relied upon for that effect.

Originating in Indonesia, ikat is a dyeing technique that uses tightly wrapped threads to achieve the desired print. They come in various colors and are often printed in pure cotton material. An ikat print curtain for bedroom like the picture shared above will add to the beauty of your room. You can have them in a neat table-top pattern or choose a rod pocket style - either way they'll look great!

Curtains for Kids Bedroom

Curtains can help create character in a Kids room design and you can use them to enhance a child's bedroom. After all, just plain simple curtains won't do - you need something that's both functional and cool! Think colors and patterns based on your child's age and preferences. Like a unicorn-themed curtain would work really well for a girl's room and maybe a superhero themed one for a boy's room.

For little ones you can go for gender neutral options with prints of cartoon characters or little soldiers as shown in the image shared above to spark your child's imagination.

Sheer Curtains for A Small Bedroom

Aiming for a bright and airy bedroom space? Curtains will play an important role in the bedroom. Especially if your bedroom is small, it is advisable that the space has as much natural light as possible. This helps to add a pleasant, non-stuffy vibe regardless of the space.

Sheer curtains are a big win for such spaces. The image above is a wonderful example of how an off-white sheer curtain maintains brightness in a room. It promises privacy without actually blocking out the light. And, for the night, you can always have a roller blind to rely on.

Layered Curtains for The Bedroom

A bedroom is a place of rest and outside light can disturb sleep. That's why it is very important to choose the right kind of curtains for the bedroom. You need something that can bring in natural light during the day, but be able to darken the room during the night.

You can choose two different fabrics as layers in bedroom curtains. One might be sheer and fine for the day, and the other might be a heavy drape or a thick drape in a velvet material to serve as a black-out curtain for the night.

Curtains for The Bedroom with A Botanical Touch

Bring the outdoors in with a little help of curtains for the bedroom. Curtains with prints of plants and trees or outdoor curtains in general have a certain character to them. You can see it in the smallest detail.

There are various options available in many prints – prints that are dark and bold suitable for rooms with dark tones or more subtle options like the one in the image shared above. Leaves and ferns and plants and shrubs on a plain white linen background add to the beauty of your room and make it more comfortable.

Remember, when you're working with prints, try to balance them with plain walls in a shade that works with your print.

Beautiful Curtains for Living Room

Having the right curtains for the living room is very important both in terms of their function and decorative value.

Pelmet Curtains for Living Room

Brighten up your living room with pelmet design curtains and watch how it magically lifts up your space. A simple design that gives a royal look and transforms the plainest looking outfit into a piece worth admiring. Pelmet is something that is used to cover curtain fittings - now take that idea and make it designer.

The image above is a great example of pelmet curtains for the living room. A simple beige, which turned into luxurious and chic. A pelmet curtain will serve as an extension of your interior and your windows or doors adding value to the overall aesthetics of the room.

Ombre Curtains for Living Room

If you are looking for subtle yet stylish curtains for the living room, then it is time you give a chance to the ombre trend. Thanks to the seamless transition from one shade to the next, ombre curtains work well in a space where color is needed, but not so much that it's in your face.

Take the image shared above for example, you can see that the upper half of the white colored curtain blends perfectly with the walls and the lower half with peach perfectly complements the light wooden floor. In this case ombre helps your curtains blend into your room as well as infuse life into the space with color.

A Themed Space with Matching Curtains for the Living Room

If you're aiming for a more classic look, try matching items in a room. It'll leave a similar impression and come together as a well-designed space when you play with the textures. For this decor style you will need to match your sofa set furniture design to your walls and have living room curtains that blend into the theme.

The image shared above is a great example of this classic decor style – where mint green walls match well with seating in a similar shade; And extravagant curtains with hints of peach and brown draw parallels between the floor and cushions. The space is warm and luxurious at once and simply transports to an era.

Boho Curtains for Living Room

Colours, textures and patterns with natural touches incorporate the boho design theme. And, if you want to achieve a boho themed look for your space, living room curtains can have a role to play. Curtains cover large space on your walls and hence, have the ability to define the theme of the room.

You're incorporating a bohemian essence into your room when you play with neutral tones in raw, organic fabrics. Jazz it up a bit more with macrame curtains for the living room. Intricately woven threads in traditional knots to create a pattern that is both artistic and elegant. Very beautiful isn't it?

Victorian Valance Curtains to Create Opulence for the Living Room

If the design and theme of your space is inspired by the Victorian era and is defined by luxury and taste, then you must have curtains for the living room that match the theme. One of the easiest ways to incorporate Victorian era design into your interior is with Victorian valance curtains as shown in the image above.

A valance is a decorative ornament made to fit over a curtain. Flowing curtains with multiple folds adorned with beads and trinkets enhance the beauty of the valance and give it an 18th-century touch. You should be careful in choosing the fabric for this type of curtain as you want something plain and flowy that emphasizes the fine stitching required for this type of curtain. Clothing with bold prints and lace is not recommended.

Ceiling to Floor Curtains for Living Room

Having curtains in the living room that stretch from ceiling to floor not only makes the space look chic, but bigger as well. If you want your room to look taller than the room you choose for this design, it will add to your beauty in a stylish way. The picture shared above shows that these curtains help in creating an illusion and at first glance, it becomes difficult to see where the window ends and the ceiling design begins.

Do not use dark colors or colors that contrast with the ceiling for these curtain designs, instead choose something in light colors and stay away from bold prints. Also, use pleated-style fittings for these living room curtains.