Cushion Covers For Your Home - That is in Trend

Cushion Covers For Your Home - That is in Trend

If you want to give your living or bedroom a makeover without putting in too much effort, simply change the cushion covers and see the marked difference. By swapping out the covers, you'll be surprised how different the room will look. Cushions are not new entrants when it comes to home decor. Have you noticed that pictures of kings sitting on thrones look more attractive with thrones? Or you must have seen period movies where the actress inflates the cushions on the sofa to keep her comfortable when her man walks in.

Cushions have always been a comfortable addition to the seater or mattress. They can be used in a variety of ways to boost your wall decor for your home and create comfortable seating arrangements. Cushion covers are now more popular than actual cushions. These are available in many fabrics, designs, colors and prints.

In this blog, take a look at some of the top couch cushion cover designs that are trending right now, and you can choose the one you like best.

1. Colorful Patchwork Cushion Cover

One of the easiest ways to add cheer to your living or bedroom is by adding colorful patchwork cushion covers like here. These cushion covers can be machine made or handmade and are available in many bright color combinations. In homes where the living room couch is simple and neutral in colour, these cushion covers add a lot of sparkle. You can find designs like this at local craft stores.

2. Waterproof Outdoor Cushion Cover

If you have an outdoor patio or balcony and have a sofa here, make sure you pick up waterproof outdoor cushion covers. This is important because, otherwise, you would not be able to use these cushions during the rainy season. The waterproof cushions do not absorb water and dry very quickly, making maintenance extremely easy.

Some waterproof outdoor cushion cover materials include thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), polyurethane laminate (PUL), waxed cotton, laminated cotton, nylon and vinyl.

3. Monochrome Cushion Cover

If you are not a fan of bright colours, then black and white monochrome cushion covers will definitely appeal to you. Check out the beautiful combination of colours, designs and fabrics here. The black cushions have a rough and earthy texture, while the white cover is sleek. Here the shapes are also different.

The best thing about these cushion covers is that you can experiment with the texture and shape as per your wish. There is no rule for decorating with pillows.

4. Funky and Eclectic Cushion Cover

If you're a lover of funky, unique prints, there are tons of cushion cover options out there. For example, check out this cacti print cover. It's gorgeous, and the fact that it's placed in contrast to the solid green cushions makes the design stand out.

If you like pets, flowers, vehicles, or something quirky, you can find a sofa cushion cover that meets your tastes or even get a customized one.

5. LED Cushion Covers for Party Nights

If you haven't heard of LED cushions, thank us later! It is a relatively new entrant in the decor industry and is perfect for the holiday season and parties. The idea behind these covers is simple. Light Emitting Diode (LED) patches are woven or glued into the fabric of the cushion, and light up when the switch is pressed. Check out this adorable Christmas cushion cover with reindeer and a snowman. This type of Diwali or New Year theme is easily available in the market or online. The cushion cover needs to stay dry, so make sure it's placed somewhere it won't get wet.

6. Simple and Beautiful Cotton Couch Cushion Cover

If you are looking for affordable, easy to maintain and beautiful sofa cushion covers then cotton should be your choice. Cotton cushion covers can be easily washed and dried, which is a huge advantage. Many other clothes require you to line dry them, which can get expensive. Cotton covers are breathable during summers and can be used all year round without worrying about sweating.

7. LED cushion with photo

If you thought LED cushion covers were attractive, then you must check out these LED cushion covers with photos. These are cushion covers that light up and also come customized with a picture of your choice. If you are looking for an affordable yet interesting gift for birthdays and anniversaries then this is the perfect option.

Some online websites allow you to upload photos of your choice and create these LED cushions with photos for you. You can also check with a local printing store to see if they can do this for you.

8. Velvet Cushion Cover

Velvet is a beautiful fabric that can add a touch of glamor and royalty to the space in which it is used. It is also a very soft and luxurious fabric. That is why velvet cushion covers can help you transform your regular-looking room into a royalty inspired space. In this picture multi colored velvet cushions have been added to the seater to give it a posh look.

You can choose multicolored pieces like this one or create a themed look with cushions of a single colour. You can also use different fabrics to create unique Interior Design ideas. For example, invest in an expensive velvet cushion that will be the centerpiece of your sofa and have simple cotton cushions around it. This will make the velvet cushion cover stand out.

9. Cushion covers that match all of the bedding

If you want to choose cushion covers for your bedroom, a good tip to follow is to make sure the cover matches the rest of the bedding and general room decor. See the design of this bedroom here. The cushion covers are cleverly chosen to match the headrest of the cot, giving a sophisticated look. If you look carefully, the color of the wall behind the headrest is also black. It makes the whole space look well coordinated and well thought out.

10. Couch cushion covers embroidered with positive quotes

Embroidered couch cushion covers, especially the ones that are hand embroidered, are really unique and special. They show the hard work of the artisans who put in long hours to make it. If you believe in positive thoughts, then hand-embroidered cushion covers with positive quotes, like the one above, are a great choice for your living room.

You and your family will see the quotes every day and can be inspired by them. Whenever you feel tired or lethargic in the living room, this quote can really uplift your mood. You can ask a local artisan to embroider a quote of your choice on your existing cushion cover or buy easily available ones from stores.

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